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Lack of Energy/ Post-Cancer therapy/ Women’s Health

Lack of energy has been my major complaint even months after my cancer treatment. Universal Qi helps bring up my energy gradually using acupuncture technique that is specifically targeted for women’s health. I feel good enough that I don’t have to take a nap every afternoon now. I am confident that Universal Qi can continue to rebuild my energy and raise my immunity.
– R Boston (Woodinville)

Car Accident Injury/ Strong Pain Medications

I must admit that since I was treated with acupuncture, my recovery from the MVA accident has improved to the point that I rely very little on medications. It has improved my quality of life. This is in comparison to when I was injured in another auto accident in the past, after which I was prescribed VICODIN, IBUPROFEN, ROBAXIN and physical therapy, but still my recovery time was very long, and with the side effects of the medications, my quality of life was limited. I highly recommend Hugo Lau, Acupuncturist.
– Phoumy (Northgate)

Post-Surgery Care / Insomnia / Digestive Issues — Testimony of a “needle phobic”

Upon recovering from major surgery, I met Hugo and began discussing a common interest n the human body as an “artist” and a “healer.”

Physical limitations in the months following surgery left me feeling lethargic and I was concerned about a lack of “clarity” of mind. I had a tough time with the pain medications in the hospital. Ten days of morphine had left me confused and unable to focus. Upon returning home I decided to stop all pain medications. Colon surgery caused me to be very aware of what I ate and I had difficulty with digestion and elimination. Western doctors told me it could take up to 1 year to get completely back in track. For the last year or two, I had also been plagued by insomnia, rarely getting a full night’s sleep.

I told Hugo that I was very anxious to get on down the road to recovery and feeling normal again. He suggested acupuncture. All my life, I have been terrified of receiving injections and avoided them at all costs. Hugo carefully explained a little bit about Chinese medicine and how acupuncture works. It made sense that increasing the flow of energy to key organs could facilitate healing. I feel that anytime I can help my body heal itself it is the best answer. I want to build strength not dependency. After asking me questions about what I wanted to overcome and my medical history, he described how it could help my situation. He showed me how “non-invasive” the procedure was by placing one of the needles into my hand. I was surprised to discover that it was not a “needle” after all, but more like a “fiber,” and best of all, no pain or discomfort. I felt immediately at ease and was looking forward to the “road to recovery.” He explained what I might be feeling and where the sensations might occur as he placed the needles, so there were no surprises. There was nothing unpleasant about the session. The atmosphere was very relaxing and I began looking forward to my treatments, the peaceful moments, in my hectic day. By the third visit my sleeping had improved and I began sleeping more of the night. My clarity of mind and ability to focus had noticeably improved. My digestion was better, eating was no longer uncomfortable for 2 hours after meals, and elimination was greatly improved as well. My energy has returned and with it the ability to think more clearly. As a teacher this is important to my students and me.

I am happy to have learned that I can help my body heal without taking drugs. I will continue with my treatments as needed to maintain my good health, from a preventative point of view.
– Bobbi (Snohomish)

Migraine headaches/ Irregular Menses/ Women’s Health

I would like to share my experience with all the viewers. I was diagnosed with cancer four years ago and went though two operations and other treatments. I’m doing okay but often I have terrible migraine headaches. Sometime, taking 6 Advil’s won’t even relieve the pain.


Even though I’ve known Hugo for some years, but because I was trained as a Registered Nurse and a Midwife in the Western Medicines, I was always very afraid and skeptical about acupuncture. But one day, I was in so much pain, and since I was close by Dr. Lau’s office, I called him up to see if he could help me. He was very concerned and was able to see me that afternoon.


At first I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of having needles in my body, but I do have to say he was really good and I didn’t feel much at all. After 20 minutes of acupuncture treatment and 15 minutes of massages, MY HEADACHE WAS GONE! I couldn’t believe it and I was really happy with the results.


Since, I have been receiving treatments time to time. One day, I mentioned about my irregular menstrual periods (which may be due to menopause) that I had not had it for two months already. Dr. Hugo Lau did a slightly different treatment that day, and believe or not my period came the next day and relieved all the bloating and discomfort that I have been experiencing.


I was so impressed with the old Traditional Chinese treatment and its effectiveness! Thank you Dr. Lau, you have been a great friend and an excellent Chinese Medicine Doctor!

– Kathy (Renton)

Headaches/ Back pain/ Mental Clarity

For years I had recurring headaches and back pain. Every day I would take high doses of Ibuprofen so that I could do my work, until a doctor told me how bad it was for my body. I was willing to try anything. I even tried hypnotherapy. Since I have had acupuncture done, my headaches have gone away and my back has improved tremendously. I have also discovered that it has improved my focus, mental clarity and ability to relax.
– Tina (Bothell)